About us

As avid sports fans, athletes, and tech enthusiasts we have recognised a clear gap in the digital fan engagement market. While there are many digital solutions out on the market, they typically only focus on one service within the world of fan engagement. This means the current market is extremely fragmented, with sports organisations relying on a multitude of different providers to ensure a strong digital presence. We aim to prevent further fragmentation by integrating a number of features and services into one singular platform. In doing so, we help sporting organisations embrace the challenge of digitalisation.

Consisting of a tight-knit group of people, we pride ourselves on being enthusiastic, engaging, relevant, and modern as we help you create value and spark the enthusiasm of your fans and followers.

Spark the Enthusiasm!

“The people behind The Fan Group are both true sports enthusiasts and inventive entrepreneurs. They have ideas and products which are consistent with the rapid development and growth of European club hockey.”

Szymon Szemberg, Managing Director, Alliance of European Hockey Clubs